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BFit Retreat offers many different surf experience for all levels of surfers.  Whether you are a first time surfer or an advanced surfer looking to improve, our instructors will have you up and shredding the waves in no time.  Our instructors are local Costa Rican surfers who will challenge you in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Half and full day surf tours are available to a multitude of nearby surfing beaches. Transportation and surf guide are included with the price of your tour.  All of our lesson prices below are based on a per person rate and includes the surfboard rental for the duration of your lesson.

Lesson and tours can be booked individually or as part of your BFit Retreat.

Contact us to arrange your next surf session!

Private 2 hour
surf lesson
Semi-Private 2 hour surf lesson
Half and full day tour, Starting at

The beaches

The North Pacific coast of Costa Rica is home to some of the world's best surfing beaches.  With so many beaches and surf breaks to chose from, there's a wave for every person and every level.  Below are some of our local beaches:


Tamarindo, Costa Rica is an amazing place to start your surf vacation.   With easy access to many surf breaks, it is great for all surf levels and styles. It's location in a half bay makes for gentler waves and is great for beginner surfers.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is great most days for all levels of surfers, but depending on the swell it can get big and turns best for  intermediates and advanced surfers.  A southwest swell and high tide is best for this beach break. Playa Grande is also located inside of  Parque National las Baulas which is known as a famous nesting beach for leatherback sea turtles!


This stunning beach features several great breaks - beach, reef and point breaks.  From the left in front of the parking lot that breaks at high tide to the right at Little Hawaii that breaks at low tide with beach and rivermouth breaks in between.  At high tide it’s great for all levels but the low tide breaks are more advanced and can handle up to 12 foot swell.

Marbella/Playa Frijolar

This surf break is located on a beautiful black sand beach and is heavy, hollow and fast; best suited for advanced surfers.   Breaks both left and right and is your best bet for surf when other surf breaks in the area are quite small.  Best at mid to high tide.

Nosara/Playa Guiones

This peaky, far out beach break works great at both high and low tides and is great for all levels of surfers.  It is much less crowded than Tamarindo and is very close by to a few secret spots.


This black sand beach beach located inside the national park Parque Ostional, is best known for it's location as the nesting place for thousands of green sea turtles.  It's beach breaks are nice and clean, hollow and have good barrels.  It's a more powerful break which is best suited for intermediate and advanced surfers only.

Witch's Rock/Playa Naranjo

This 6km long beach gets its name from the large signature rock that howls when hit with strong offshore wind.  This beach break features fast hollow waves that need a mid to high tide to really fire.  Works great with both NorthWest and SouthWest swells and wind coming from the North East.

Ollie's Point/Playa Portrero

A fun right point break named for the infamous Oliver North.  Only accessible by boat, this break can handle quite a bit of swell and still be intermediate surfer friendly.  Breaks best at low to mid tide, making it the perfect counterpoint to nearby Witches Rock.

Secret Spots

There are several secret spots both north and south from Tamarindo that we can’t write about.  If they are breaking, we are happy to stop and surf these spots.

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