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In addition to your B-Fit Retreat, DestinoTico by B Fit is a subsidiary angency where we will  be happy to offer supplemental relaxation, cultural and adventure activities, so that you can relax and enjoy the real Cost Rica! We'll help you find and book the best things to do, fun activities, and attractions and more.

We're happy to offer the following supplementary services:


By Destinotico

Let us plan your perfect vacation! We've traveled the country and tried it all, so let us do the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy! We're here to help you with searching for plane ticket deals, hotel suggestions, activity reservations, itineraries and so much more.

​Our vacation planning services and prices are unique to each customer and are based on the activities and amount of help needed for planning.  Contact us to begin your custom quote.

Vacation Planning

Adventure & Relaxation Activities

Coffee and Chocalate Tour
Coffee and Chocalate Tour


See how coffee grows and get dried, toasted and prepared...

The coffee tour experience teaches you the history of this golden bean in Costa Rica. In addition to this, the selection technique of the berry is what makes a great difference with the final product.

Tio Leo Coffee Tour in Guanacaste also includes a lecture about chocolate crops and the way to process it to get a really pure taste.

The sugar cane is another crop and product Tio Leo mentions on his presentation. There are about eight products that come out of this crop. Our ancestors worked the wet mill in order to get the cane juice. More to learn about this with our host.

Sunset BBQ
Sunset BBQ


Half day activities out of town of Tamarindo where you can enjoy a diffrente diversity of food and drinks on the beach with a nice  sunset view..

Sunset Catamaran Cruise
Sunset Catamaran Cruise


Catamaran Sailing with snorkeling, SUP, Delicious BBQ Chicken Meal and Premium Open Bar. 4h Cruise that end with a beautiful Costa Rica sunset.



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Pangas Beach Club

A breezy beach club located on the sands of Tamarindo beach

Timeless elegance meets beachfront casual here at Pangas Beach Club. With rustic driftwood lounge chairs, fresh gourmet dishes and pumping surf breaks right at your fingertips, Pangas is the perfect place to get lost in Tamarindo’s laidback tropical lifestyle.
Located on the sands of north Tamarindo beach, Pangas is a breezy beach club by day and a relaxed restaurant and bar by night. Whether grabbing an afternoon beer in your board shorts or enjoying a candlelit dinner in the dining room, Pangas has something for everyone.
Chill out with a refreshing blended fruit drink or sample some of the area’s freshest seafood from our fresh fish market. Our chefs use the area’s freshest local seafood caught straight from the region’s best fishermen with all-natural, local ingredients to accent the beachfront flavors of the Costa Rican coast in every bite.

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Patagonia Argentinian Grill &Restaurant

Authentic Argentinian grill in the heart of Tamarindo

Patagonia is an authentic Argentinian grill in the heart of Tamarindo.  While all the popular Argentinian cuts of meat are available, Patagonia also features more traditional Argentinian courses such as its mixed grill that includes, steak, chicken, pork, sausage and blood sausage as well as sweet bread.  Patagonia is a delicious example of an ex-pat bringing what they know best to Tamarindo.  It is a popular place so be sure to make reservations.

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